All about Online Visa Waiver Program

Some countries have created the visa waiver program to create a more convenient travel experience for visitors. Citizens of some countries are given privileges of visiting other countries without visas by this program. What made some countries to create this program is because the processes of obtaining travel visas are lengthy. Many people like the method because it can be done even online. Visa waiver program is not for everyone, and to qualify, authorities have to be involved because they are the ones who decide. They do it because of the list of nations changes often. The list changes because some countries who were on the list were withdrawn. More to that, some states keep joining every year to this program and this brings change in the listing.
There are about thirty countries who have established a visa waiver program today. Most of them are from Europe. There are some rules that are needed to be followed by those citizens who would like to travel using visa waiver program. Online application will first be done where you will have to fill some forms. Approval of this application is done by the electronic system for travel authorization. The citizen will have to possess also a passport that is valid. The passport should have a barcode or chip so that the machine will read it. More to that, the passport should be valid for a minimum of ninety days after they return to their country. The sea or air or any other approved medium or travel should be used by the traveler. Sufficient funds will be required because the traveler has to spend their money in the course of their tour in that country.

The traveler who is using the Esta Visa waiver passport will have to complete a form at the entrance. The name of the form is nonimmigrant visa waiver. Review of the form will be done by an agent from that country after you have filled it. After review by the agent, you will be interviewed also. Those who apply online are notified that they should leave the country not later than ninety days after entry. You will also be asked the purpose of your stay in that country if you apply online. The visa waiver program here is only allowed to be used by those travelers who are travelling for business reasons or tourism.

Some countries will have to screen their visitors thoroughly because some might have other intentions like terrorism. Those people who apply for a visa waiver program need to have an internet enable device because most work will be done online. Applying online is better because it is fast. It is also fast because everything will be provided.

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